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Over the years Tavernier Tschanz has been able to build a team of outstanding specialists, all leading professionals in their respective fields whose publications are considered by scholars and lawyers alike as reference books.

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Quelle mission pour les législateurs de l’arbitrage commercial international ?
ASA BULLETIN, 2021, pp. 42-60

Yearly Review of Swiss arbitration decisions
Revue de l'arbitrage, 2001-2020

Faillite et capacité d'être partie à un arbitrage international en Suisse
Les Cahiers de l’arbitrage, pp. 439 ff, 2013

Arbitrage et procédures parallèles
Arbitrage Interne et International – Comparativa N°79, pp. 35 ff, 2010

De l'opportunité de modifier l’art. 7 LDIP
ASA Bulletin, pp. 478 ff, 2010

The Award – How to structure it, how detailed ? Reasoning and dispositive part, adding insult to injury ?
in : The Resolution of Dispute – from the Hearing to the Award, ASA Special Series N°29, pp. 25 ff, 2007

Advocacy in International Commercial Arbitration : Switzerland
in : Bishop (ed.), The Art of Advocacy in International Arbitration, pp. 195 ff, 2004

Arbitrator's conflicts of interests : Switzerland
in : ASA Special Series N°18, pp. 65 ff, 2001

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Geneva's Arbitration Rules and their Expedited Procedure
J. Int'l Arb., pp. 51 ff, 1993

Le choix de l’arbitrage
Baurecht-Droit de la construction 1992, pp. 56 ff

Le contrôle judiciaire de la validité et du domaine de la clause compromissoire : émergence d’une nouvelle règle matérielle ?
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International Arbitration in the United States : the Need for a New Act
3 Arbitration Int'l, pp. 309 ff, 1988

Le droit américain et la convention de New York
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Contrats d'État et mesures unilatérales de l'État devant l'arbitre international
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The Contributions of the Aminoil Award to the Law of State Contracts
18 Int'l Law, pp. 245 ff, 1984


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International arbitration in Switzerland
Basel 1989 (with Andreas Bucher)


Vers un arbitrage international préventif ?
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IBA Swiss report on using set-off as security
Graham & Trotman, 1990