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Over the years Tavernier Tschanz has been able to build a team of outstanding specialists, all leading professionals in their respective fields whose publications are considered by scholars and lawyers alike as reference books.

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Yearly Review of Swiss arbitration decisions
Revue de l'arbitrage, 2018-2019

Yearly review of Swiss arbitration cases
Turkish Journal of International Trade and Arbitration Law (JITAL), 2011-2019

An arbitrator's perspective : A few reflections about the case administration under the Swiss Rules in 10 years of Swiss Rules of International Arbitration
ASA Special Series No. 44, 2014 (edit. Nathalie VOSER)

Consent to Arbitrate: A Prerequisite to Arbitration
Journal of International Trade and Arbitration Law (JITAL) vol 1/2 2012, p. 241 ff. (with Isabelle Fellrath)

Energy Agreements – Force Majeure and Hardship Clauses
Makuch/Pereira (edit.), Environmental and Energy Law, Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Chapter 11, 2012 (co-author)

Contradictory Decisions in International Arbitration
The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunal, vol. 8/2009 p. 91 ff. (co-author)

Offsetting, Sale/Purchase Losses and Profits in Case of Breach of Commercial Agreement under Swiss law and the Vienna Convention on the International Sales of Goods
IPRax 4/2009, p.357 ff. (co-author)

The Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards under the New-York Convention, Recent Developments
Stockholm Arbitration Report 2001, p. 1 ff. (co-author)


Arbitration in Switzerland – The Practionner's Guide
(ICC Rules Art. 38-41), 2nd, Kluwer Law International, 2018

The arbitrators' initiative : When, why and how should it be used ?
ASA Special Series No. 45, 2016 (co-editor with Domitille Baizeau)

Commentary of Art. 1-2 of the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration
Zuberbühler/Müller/Habegger (edit.), Commentary of the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, Zurich 2013 (co-author)

Droit de l'Énergie, Recueil de Textes Internationaux, Européens et Suisses
Zurich 2011 (co-editor)