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Supported by the one-team structure of our firm, we offer the multi-faceted legal services required by technology companies and by companies confronted with technology related legal issues. We advise a wide range of clients based in Switzerland and abroad, from global players and multinational corporations to small one-product companies.

Technology-Driven Team

Our Technologies Practice covers a wide range of business sectors such as information technology (including telecommunications, multimedia, blockchain, computer systems, equipment and technology supply, consultancy services and e-business), biotechnology, life science and healthcare, including medtech, fintech, cleantech, foodtech, microtechnology and nanotechnology.

We have developed and maintained specific expertise in assisting clients throughout the life cycle of complex IT projects, such as software development, systems integration, ASP solutions, application management, business process and IT outsourcing. Our attorneys’ understanding of the technical and commercial aspects of our client’s projects, combined with our experience in negotiating deals and the firm’s accumulated knowledge of the common legal and contractual pitfalls, enable us to assist our clients efficiently and to bring real added value to their ventures.